The company was established in 2005 in 10th of Ramadan city. It is specialized in producing quality products.
The company is committed to serve the customers in the best way and to develop their products to suit your demands, and has quality standard certificate.
The company was established, by Eng.: Hany, Anwar Makary, Ile also established international chemical & paints (ICP) since 1991, and International Chemical & coatings(ICC) since 1985.These two trading companies works in the field of trading raw materials specialized for manufacturing paints.
We also are agents for some of international companies and branches for largest American, German, Dutch, English, and Spanish companies which work in the field of raw material, tenting system, Inorganic pigments, additives special for manufacturing paints, inks, solvents, driers, fillers, resins.
The previous two companies (ICP) (ICC) are two of the group company that Eng Hany A. Makary, owns.
The employers in the trading company are 35, the workers in factory are 45.The workers in constructive section are 120 between engineer and worker