Technical data sheet

Code: STYMOBIL CO 701/50

Description : Styrene Acrylic co polymer water based

Application fields:

 It is suitable for production of excellent paintings for interior use and exterior as well as for construction- adhesives.
 Especially to be marked are the excellent weather resistance of exterior paints.

Properties :
 Viscosity at 23º c by Brookfield Spindel 5 6000 + 1000
 Solid content 50 + 1%
 pH value 5.5 to 6
 Specific gravity 1.05-1.08g /cm3
 Average particle size 0.1 µ
 Thinner water
 Tensile strength 13N/ mm
 Max elongation until rupture 200%

Shelf life:

One year at room temperature

Storage conditions:

It should be stored indoors in the original unopened plastic at normal conditions, temperatures between 3ºC and 30º C and relative humidity 65%.


125 -150 kg in plastic drums.