Technical data sheet

Code : MOBECOL 501/50

Description :Polyvinyl Acetate Homopolymer water based (Non- Plastisizer).

Application fields:

 It is particularly suitable for the preparation of adhesive for wood and paper.
 It can be used in the building sector to make parquet adhesives in bookbinding.
 It used in the textile industry as stiffening and sizing agent.

Properties :

 Viscosity at 23º C by Brookfield Spindel 7 100000 + 10000
 Solid content 50 + 1%
 pH value 4.5 + 5.5
 Density at 23 º C 1.05-1.08gm/ cm3
 Minimum temperature for film formation 14
 Prevailing particle size range 0.6

Shelf life:

One year at room temperature

Storage conditions:

It should be stored indoors in the original unopened plastic at normal conditions, temperatures between 3º C and 30 º C.


125-150 kg in plastic drums.