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Mobel polymers a company specialized in manufacturing the raw materials for PVA (adhesive for articles such as leather, wood, carpeting, cigarettes, carton, paints, and insulation materials).

The company started out manufacturing adhesive latex materials for carpets and rugs.

We evolved to produce alkyd resins (of various types), driers, and additives specific to producing paints, until the factory caught on fire in 2011 destroying all the raw materials, the finished products, the equipments, and even the building. The total factory loss was valued at 120 million Egyptian pounds.

We halted production until the factory is rebuilt (estimated to take five years). Meanwhile, we began manufacturing in a small factory associated with our burned factory.

We have also begun producing PVA , DOP (as a plasticizer) CPVC, and adhesive material for leather We aim to resume full production in 2018 of all our products. In the meantime, we have opened a factory in Saudi Arabia to supplement the factory in Egypt .

Owner and CEO of Mobel Polymers group of companies

Hany Anwar Makary

Innovation Progress (Saudi Arabia Branch opening 01/12/2105)

The opening of a branch in Saudi Arabia 01/12/2105

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